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Make your Confluence into a media platform – without blowing up the network or local file system

  • Let users upload videos to a dedicated local file system or an AWS S3 Bucket (more cloud options to come)
  • Organize videos within your space and globally
  • Natively embed videos on your Confluence pages

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Choose your video storage

Videos often exceed the globally configured file size limit, and you really don’t want them to clutter up the file system. Offload videos to a more suitable and cost-efficient storage option.


Organize videos throughout Confluence

Get an overview of the videos available globally or in your space. Search for and filter videos by categories, target groups, languages and labels. Uploading new videos is as easy as it gets.

Natively embed your videos on Confluence pages

An easy-to-use macro allows for videos to be included and streamed on any page.

Use our new Audio Feature

With our latest version you can upload audio files with optional cover images and embed them as easily as videos. 





More details

Please note: If an AWS S3 Bucket is configured for the storage of your video files, additional charges will be incurred by Amazon Web Services.

Our YouTube Tutorials show you exactly how it works and what is possible with Videos for Confluence. Feel free to take a look!



Wow, finally something that makes Confluence a real "Youtube for Intranets" 😉 The storage option in S3 is really a problem solver , good work guys!
Alexander Penev [ByteSource]
Awesome for all companies with upload restrictions and a lot of videos.
Christian Koch
Great plugin. It was super easy to embed videos directly from my AWS Cloud.
Christian Trey