Release of Project Specific Field Names for Jira!

Harder, better, faster, stronger! What Daft Punk already formulated well in their song was pretty much the same thing we wanted for Jira – a faster, more efficient and structured way of working with Jira. Anyone who works with Jira knows that a key part of it is that you can create different forms and issue types, all of which have the same name. One of the main problems for Jira administrators is the vast number of issue types and custom fields that projects demand more and more of. It is easy to lose the overview here.

In addition, all the traffic often massively affects the performance of Jira and costs us valuable time every day. Time that could be used much more sensibly in other ways.

Our idea at this point was to develop a plugin that allows the project administrator to configure custom fields for his project with their own names and individually. This results in a significantly reduced number of custom fields and thus a much lower administration effort, which greatly improves performance, increases flexibility and makes the entire work with Jira much more pleasant.

Try a stripped down, but more nimble version of Jira and test out Project Specific Field Names for Jira today!